The Cybertruck

Wait, that’s the actual product?

Two Thursdays ago, Tesla Motors unveiled their first truck, the Cybertruck. Fans have been creating designs of a Tesla truck for years, but no one expected the truck that was released. Instead of a traditional truck or Tesla streamlined design, the Cybertruck showcases a “cyberpunk” design. Many people have immediately decided that the design is “ugly”, while others find it quite attractive.

Fan Render
A fan render of a Tesla truck from Giorgi Tedoradze (

The Cybertruck isn’t all looks, however. Despite being the first EV truck to market, the Cybertruck doesn’t lack in any category, really. The truck range starts at 250 miles on the base model and goes as high as 500 miles on the tri-motor model. The base model’s towing capacity of 7,500lbs towers over the Ford F150’s towing capacity of only 5000lbs. If you really need power, the most expensive model boasts a towing capacity of 14,000lbs- a number matched only by a truck in the $90,000 range.

Thus far, Tesla vehicles have been in the $50,000 and up price category. While the Cybertruck does fit in that price bracket, it blows traditional trucks out of the water as far as price. The base model, single motor Cybertruck costs only $46,900 fully equipped ($39,900 without full self driving capabilities). The top-of-the-line Cybertruck, the tri-motor model will set you back only $76,900, or $69,900 without full self driving.

The Cybertruck is certainly not for everyone, but for those who need an immense amount of towing capacity, the Cybertruck may prove to be the best option (especially because of the price). As a fan of electric vehicles, I am glad to see that the first mass-market EV truck is powerful enough to take on even the most expensive gasoline powered trucks. In my opinion, electric vehicles are the future. Wherever you stand on the climate change debate, electric vehicles are still a compelling option because of their sheer power. EV’s can produce more torque in a shorter period of time than gasoline or diesel engines can, while being more efficient. Around 20 years ago, EV’s had the potential to be powerful, but were held back by inefficient batteries. Companies like Tesla and Panasonic have been pushing battery technology forward, to the point where a vehicle like the Cybertruck are possible. Personally, if I were in the market for a truck, I would definitely consider the Cybertruck. I feel that the design of the truck is rather interesting, certain to attract looks. Maybe, in the future, Tesla will release another truck with a more traditional design but with the same amount of power. Time will tell, but I think vehicles like the Cybertruck are the future of mobility.

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